Gigi goes to Plymouth Hoe

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Gigi choose the dress she wore today, hung up amongst many beautiful dresses. 

The dress itself sat perfectly on her shoulders allow the bows be seen, with the layered skirt part of the dress sitting perfectly with frills to add an extra wow! 

Many people stopped us on our social distancing Walk as we rushed to the ice cream van and then to count the boats out at sea. 

Many lovely comments were given on Gigi and her dress, “isn’t she beautiful”, “that dress is just stunning” hasn’t she got lovely hair” “where do you get her dress from” “the dress your little girl is wearing us just beautiful” “your little one looks lovely in a proper toddler dress” “that neck line is lovely and the pattern is beautiful” “are you going to let her eat the ice cream wearing such a beautiful dress” “her smile is like a ray of sunshine”.... I could go on but won’t bore you! 

Gigi chosen this dress to wear  herself, as soon as she put it on she was excited and dancing, she looked in the mirror and smiled, children feel special wearing clothes they like, just like we do, and today highlighted that for me. 

Allowing her to choose her outfit today made me realise that children enjoy feeling special in a such a positive way . 

We had a lovely day by the sea. 

“Oriya” dress that Gigi is wearing is available in sizes 2y - 10y. 

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